Morison Memorial 
United Reformed Church

  Dumbarton Road, Clydebank
G81 1XH Scotland

Rev William Young


Let's make one thing very clear: our building is NOT THE CHURCH! It is the Church (the people of God) who have the honour of using this building. We are priviledged, then, that our building is one of the oldest of its type in Clydebank (more in 'history').

So whether it's a one-off gathering or weekly social club, dance class or theatre group, whatever you need space for, we are delighted to discuss the possibility of using Morison as your venue.



As the building was constructed on three levels on top of each other, the church halls, including a 'great' hall, kitchen, a meeting room and a youth room are on the lowest level. These spaces are available for public use, subject to a licensing agreement. Our prices for a town centre location are very favourable.

The possibility of using our Halls can be discussed with our  Church Secretary who can be contacted, initially, at: [email protected]



Built in the nonconformist, English Gothic style, Morison Church is a popular venue for concerts, weddings, baptisms and funerals. Organisations such as the Clydebank District Choir rehearse and produce accaimed concerts in the sanctuary, noted for its fine acoustics and rare wind pipe organ.

Weddings baptisms, or funerals may be arranged in consultation with the Church Secretary who can be contacted, initially, at: [email protected]